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How to Choose the Best Access Control System for Your Business

May 9

An effective access control system in Tampa, FL manages who can get access to a room or a building at a given time. The devices are always installed at the building entrance, interior doors, gates, and elevators to make sure only allowed people can access those areas. The primary purpose of access control in Tampa, FL is to improve the building's convenience and security by preventing unapproved individuals from accessing the building. It also ensures authorized people can get access. Here are the features to look at when choosing an access control security for your business. A company like Securiteam can help you install access control systems for your business.


An Access Control Tampa that lets the business owner see and talk to guests on a video call is known as a video door entry system. Its defining feature is the camera installed at the building entrance that transfers video data to the security department system hardware or smartphone.

The video Access Control Installation Tampa can store audit trails of the door releases and support audio and video communication. It can be controlled with a smartphone.


On-premises access control solutions are cumbersome. Besides, there are many reasons to invest in cloud-based access control solutions. They include:

Off-site hosting: you don’t need to have an onsite service which is time-consuming and costly. Instead, your data is stored off-site. Besides, the hosting facility automatically backs up the data for additional protection.

Straightforward remote management: you will manage the cloud-based unit and update the access permission from any location. So, you don’t need to physically scan the fob or rewire the hardware to update your control system. You will do it from the online portal.

Save Money and Time

With an off-site access control solution, it will cost a lot of money to install and replace card readers and servers, write new software, and hire someone to manage the unit. However, with cloud-based units, your service provider will handle everything on Business Security Tampa.

Visitor Management

One of the limitations of most access control systems is that they only offer a way for registered workers to gain entry. Every business receives visitors and other stakeholders, but most systems don’t have visitor management features. Therefore, select a Tampa Access Control system that has dedicated visitor management features such as virtual keys, delivery PINs, and delivery passes.

Touchless Access

The COVID-19 epidemic emphasized the importance of health and sanitation consideration in the area of Tampa Access Control Installation. On top of lessening the spread of the virus, touchless access units will offer numerous benefits. This includes extra convenience, easy administration, and hands-free access for guests.


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