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Common Reasons to Call a Locksmith

Aug 6

Locksmiths are skilled tradespeople who repair, install, and replace locks. They also advise on security measures and ensure that door and window locks function properly.

If you've just moved into a new house or office, it is a good idea to have the locks rekeyed. Builders, plumbers, electricians and drywall contractors all have access to your new home during construction, so it's best to protect yourself.

Lost Keys

Lost keys are the most common reason that people call a locksmith. Whether they dropped them in the water at a public park or down the drain of their own home, it’s often easiest to have a professional help recover them.

Retrace your steps: Be your own Sherlock Holmes and think back to the last time you remember seeing them. Replay the sequence of events in your mind and check in every place where you might have left them. Check your pockets, purse, car seats, desk drawers, office bags and anywhere else you might have set them down. If you’re missing keys at work, ask an employee if they’ve been turned in.

If you’re able to locate the lost keys, hand them in to the police. This gives the owner a chance to retrieve them before they end up in the trash or, worse, in the hands of a criminal who can use them for nefarious purposes.

Damaged Locks

If a lock has become significantly damaged, it may be time to call in a locksmith for a replacement. Damaged locks can be very difficult to recover from and require a professional's experience.

Whether from constant use, improper installation or simply wear and tear, some locks are beyond repair. A broken lock can be a huge security concern, as it allows for easy infiltration of your property and compromises the safety of occupants.

A quick way to determine if your lock is beyond repair is to insert a key into the lock cylinder and try to move it up to the shoulder of the key. If this is not possible, it's likely that something is blocking the keyway and the internal components are worn out. A locksmith should be able to resolve this issue without disassembly by using lubrication or other solutions. Attempting to fix these issues on your own could cause further damage or leave you with unusable locks.

Newly Built Home

New homes are a great way to get the home you want without waiting for the perfect pre-owned property to come on the market and getting snapped up by another buyer. New construction is also a great way to get the features you want, such as smart home technology and energy-efficient appliances.

However, there are a few things you should know about purchasing a new home. For one, you may need to spend more than the original list price. This is because builders often include a clause in their contracts allowing them to increase the cost of materials if they are significantly higher than expected.

Also, a newly built home is unlikely to appreciate in value as much as a pre-owned property, particularly if you have over-customized it with features that are not in style. This can be an issue if you are thinking about selling your new home in the future. Finally, a new home will release toxic fumes called formaldehyde. This is a chemical that is used to preserve dead bodies and can be harmful to your health. To know More

Car Lockout

Getting locked out of your car is an unfortunate yet common occurrence. Even if you’re careful to always place your keys in your pocket or purse before leaving your vehicle, sometimes they can be left behind on the console or seat. Other times, the lock may become jammed with dust or grime that slowly accumulates over time.

Luckily, there are some DIY tricks that you can try to recover from your car lockout. For example, you can use a wire hanger or a shoelace to get inside your car. Simply tying a slip knot on the end of the string and working it to lower down over the lock nub like a noose can help lasso the pin.

If this doesn’t work, you can also call roadside assistance. Many of these services have specialized tools for this type of situation and are available around the clock. Just be sure to find a locksmith with plenty of experience and credentials.